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Come with your fitted contact lenses so we can see the current condition of the fabrics! If you wear lenses fitted and ordered elsewhere, we recommend a full 3D examination to get an accurate picture of the condition of your eyes. Depending on this, we can recommend and fit another type of lens, possibly another care product, and, if necessary, an eye drop treatment!



Januári ajánlatunk

In addition to a number of factors, it may also be eye-related, e.g.:

  • Dioptric deficiency
  • Improper functioning of the eye muscles
  • Overload of the nervous system

They can even trigger migraines

Blurred vision

Blurred vision
  • Inadequate dioptre or lack thereof
  • Inadequate tear film composition
  • Other diseases of the eye
    • Binocular eye movement disorder
    • Amblyopia
    • Cataracts
    • Dryness of the eye
    • Corneal injury
    • Astigmatism – irregular shape of the cornea that requires a cylinder dioptre

Night vision

eseti rossz látás
  • Dioptric deficiency
  • Astigmia (need for cylinder diopter)
  • Lack of binocular vision (squint)
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Improper functioning of the eye pupil
  • Poor quality lenses and surface treatment

Difficulty concentrating

Difficulty concentrating
  • Overload of the nervous system
  • Excessive “adaptation” of our eyes
  • Wrong diopter
  • Non-ergonomic working distance
  • Poor construction of working glasses

Difficulty reading

Difficulty reading
  • Binocular eye movement disorder (squint), hidden squint
  • Wrong diopter
  • Incorrectly adjusted glasses
  • Physiological processes
  • Poor lighting


  • Strained vision
  • Overload of the nervous system
  • Inadequate diopter
  • Inappropriate progressive/multifocal lens type


  • hormonális okok meghúzódhatnak
  • nem megfelelő könnyfilm összetétel
  • könnytermelési zavar
  • túlzott monitor,-és digitális eszköz használat

There is a solution to these problems, you will have a visual experience, 3D vision screening and vision care for healthy eyes and vision.