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Come with your fitted contact lenses so we can see the current condition of the fabrics! If you wear lenses fitted and ordered elsewhere, we recommend a full 3D examination to get an accurate picture of the condition of your eyes. Depending on this, we can recommend and fit another type of lens, possibly another care product, and, if necessary, an eye drop treatment!

3D vision test

At POLGÁR Optics, we provide accurate and thorough eye examinations using state-of-the-art machines and equipment in a friendly, relaxed and pleasant environment. From 2010, the world’s first 3D VISION TESTING and 3D EYE MEASUREMENT are available together in an almost unique way, allowing you to create custom-tailored glasses for the best visual experience.

3D VISION TESTING and 3D EYE MEASUREMENT is the most advanced and highest level of optical technology available, so the combination of these services is still a privilege of only a few, due to the highest level of technical equipment and expertise. It is safe to say that 3D VISION TESTING and 3D IMAGING are now synonymous with VISUAL CARE.

3D VISION TESTING is a special examination method that assesses the current condition of your eye, followed by a dioptric assessment of the combined function of the two eyes, i.e. the balance of the six pairs of eye muscles. In many cases, we get a complete picture of the asymmetrical functioning of the eye muscles, which may be due to the fact that our two eyes, like the two sides of our face, are not perfectly symmetrical. If, however, the imbalance goes beyond the physiological level, the symptoms are: headache, sensitivity to light, red eyes, eye and eye-ring pain, burning eyes, tearing, difficulty reading, fatigue. These symptoms are usually the result of a long history of constant exertion, which can occur at a very early age or even at an older age!

Thanks to the special diagrams, the examination takes only 45-60 minutes and can explain the ophthalmological background of many subjective complaints, such as headaches, migraines, reading and concentration difficulties, fatigue and irritability, which make our work and everyday life more difficult! Complaints detected during the eye examination will be corrected with a suitable prismatic lens, which should be worn strictly. It can be harder to get used to, but in many cases, the cessation or relief of symptoms compensates for the effort, bringing an improvement in quality of life. The specific 3D VISION TESTING is followed by the 3D EYE MEASUREMENT with the help of a computer centring device specially developed for the examination. The instrument analyses head and eye movement parameters in real time and in a personalised way, enabling the creation of custom-made lenses that are perfectly adapted to the wearer’s viewing habits. The measurement takes into account 10 different personalised parameters that relate to the wearer’s visual habits, and a lens personalised in this way gives you 5x more accurate vision!

The glasses we make are therefore highly personalised: we can make your glasses taking full account of your real eye data, head-eye movement characteristics and frame adjustment obtained by 3D VISION TESTING and 3D EYE MEASUREMENT, as well as your individual needs and viewing habits, so that you can see clearly, effortlessly and without distortion! We will spend as much time with you as necessary to ensure you have the best possible visual experience.

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