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Come with your fitted contact lenses so we can see the current condition of the fabrics! If you wear lenses fitted and ordered elsewhere, we recommend a full 3D examination to get an accurate picture of the condition of your eyes. Depending on this, we can recommend and fit another type of lens, possibly another care product, and, if necessary, an eye drop treatment!

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The 3D vision test and eye measurement is followed by a careful selection of the spectacle frame. Depending on the test result, we will recommend the best solution for both frames and lenses. Of course, to find the ideal glasses, we take into account your lifestyle, habits and needs, not to mention sports, hobbies and work, which also challenge our eyes. But at POLGÁR Optics we will find the right glasses for you, without compromise!

With the selected frame on the face, we perform a 3D eye measurement using iTerminal, which measures the individual fitting parameters to the nearest tenth of a millimetre for maximum visual comfort. This test allows for the creation of a fully personalised pair of spectacles that fit the wearer’s dioptre, pupil diameter, and takes into account the degree of head rotation, the distance of the frame from the face, the tilt angle of the frame, and other parameters that have been optimised to optimise the diameter of the lens for aesthetics and clarity of vision. Perfectly adjusted glasses take into account the distance viewing habits of the wearer and allow a comfortable overview for reading. In fact, we even hide your initials in the glasses you buy at POLGÁR Optics!

In addition, all lenses provide full UV protection and blue light filtering, and the entire surface of the lens is optimized point-to-point to provide effortless vision for the wearer!

Uv test

Do your sunglasses really filter out harmful UV rays? We will UV-test your sunglasses free of charge.

Personalised advice on wearing glasses
and sunglasses

What to do, what not to do and what to look out for when choosing a frame? At POLGÁR Optics, we take great care to offer you a selection of the highest quality frames, taking into account your specific needs and using the most modern technical equipment. Experience it and feel it, not just think it’s good!

Precise frame adaptation

We adjust your glasses for maximum comfort, even if you had them made elsewhere. Because one of the prerequisites for perfect vision is a pair of glasses that are tailored to your eyes.

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