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Come with your fitted contact lenses so we can see the current condition of the fabrics! If you wear lenses fitted and ordered elsewhere, we recommend a full 3D examination to get an accurate picture of the condition of your eyes. Depending on this, we can recommend and fit another type of lens, possibly another care product, and, if necessary, an eye drop treatment!

Eyeglass repair

Eyewear Spa = Give your glasses their due
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What is really happening?

Eyeglasses should be checked at regular intervals: once they have been adjusted accurately, they can change during use, the parts can move and this can affect the visual experience or even make wearing them uncomfortable. That is why if you are experiencing any problems with your glasses, or simply have had them adjusted properly for a long time, you should contact POLGÁR Optics. In such cases, it is important to check the moving parts, tighten the bolts, adjust the stems and replace the nose pads.

Occasionally, you might even want to put the whole pair of glasses in a mini jacuzzi, the ultrasonic cleaner. This does the job nicely: it uses its tiny vibrations to remove dirt and greasy deposits from hard-to-reach areas, kills bacteria and restores the shine to your glasses!

However, there are frames that are not put in the ultrasonic cleaner to be pampered, such as frames made of horns, wood, or frames decorated with stones. Also, glasses cannot be made clean in this way if the lens is damaged. In this case, it is best to clean by hand with warm water, soap and a premium wipe – this method can also give a really nice result!

In our salon, you can also buy complete cleaning kits, with which you can do a thorough cleaning at home, and ensure clear, spotless vision in everyday life, even on the road. In addition, of course, in our opticians we deal with the adjustment of frames, their servicing in case of problems, and ultrasonic cleaning of glasses is also available!

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